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Kaleidoscope Therapy is a non-intrusive, therapeutic programme to help support good mental health in children and young people in schools, home or the workplace. 

Using colour, light, sound and natural aroma, Kaleidoscope Therapy helps people build their self-esteem and confidence.  This can lead to effective personal growth which can aid learning and improve productivity.

Training is available for school and college staff in primary or secondary education.   Kaleidoscope Therapy training is also available for parents who have a positive attitude towards mental health and a genuine love of children and young people.

Kaleidoscope Therapy was highlighted as an example of good practice by The Royal College of Psychiatrists, Young Minds and the Children’s Young people’s Mental Health Coalition.  Click here to read about our accreditations.

Please email or telephone Anne Kaye at Kaleidoscope Colour Therapy to discuss your needs and the course fees for your training opportunities.

Tel: 07387 388 785

Email: anne@kaleidoscopetherapy.co.uk

You can find lots more information across this website including this Guardian article about Kaleidoscope’s therapeutic programme being used within education at Water Hall Combined School – Bletchley

A brief overview of the Kaleidoscope Therapy Training Courses available for you are listed below.

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“Young people have the opportunity to control anxiety, practise mindfulness, heighten self-awareness, experience tranquility, change their mindsets and negative habits and develop positive belief systems.”

“Our identity and our storyline is created by what we repeat.  This becomes what we believe…so if we repeat the same habits and respond in the same way to triggers, then we will continue to believe we can’t change.”

“Kaleidoscope Colour Therapy tackles that niggling fear of failure, that lack of confidence and that inability to thrive.”

Kaleidoscope Colour Therapy:

Established 2004

Kaleidoscope Therapy was developed as a result of Anne Kaye’s own professional experience and qualifications over a decade ago.

This experience includes theatre and drama in education, teaching children across all phases of education, counselling skills and being a hospital teacher.

Kaleidoscope Therapy’s Founder and Director has been a Headteacher of 4 Primary schools and was judged an Outstanding Head by ‘Ofsted’ in May 2013. She has also been an Accredited School Improvement Partner, Senior Education Officer and is, most importantly, a mother.

Alongside these experiences, Anne is a fully qualified Colour Therapist and has training in Human Givens Psychotherapy; Margot Sunderland’s Children’s Mental Health theories; Dr Steven Peters’ Chimp Paradox and also Louise Bomber’s Attachment in the Classroom.

Learn more about the Kaleidoscope Therapy team here

Kaleidoscope Therapy training courses available


Our range of Kaleidoscope training courses have been designed for a broad range of professionals and parents who are responsible for the mental health, wellbeing and success of children and young people in schools, workplaces or homes.

Click a course button below to read details about that course or here to email Anne or call 07387 388 785 to chat about your needs and hopes.


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Improving wellbeing and staff morale at work can have a huge impact on productivity and profitablity in any business. We’d be delighted to visit and consult key decision makers on how Kaleidoscope Therapy can have a positive impact on your bottom line through our colour therapy and decor consultancy for staff wellbeing, productivity and success.

Years of positive reviews from teachers and parents

Thank you so much for making me think and revaluate lots of things. Kaleidoscope started as a course and became so much more.  It has been a delight!.

Deputy Head

School in Milton Keynes

Kaleidoscope makes such a difference………You have to actually experience the difference with the children.

Deputy Head

School in Stockport, Cheshire

I can honestly say that Anne’s days of Kaleidoscope training were up there with the best that I have experienced during my teaching career.

Anne is an excellent trainer. Her active research and years spent developing and sharing the programme means that the course is delivered with passion, enthusiasm and clarity. Her genuine desire is to help schools to support their pupils’ emotional well being. She wants to make a difference and for young people to experience the positive impact that Kaleidoscope can have.

As a school, we also have noticed an improvement in the behaviour of pupils and an increase in their confidence; They are much more willing to take part in class and have a go. For one child, the sessions have had an enormous impact not only on the child but on the whole family. Her anxiety meant that she was struggling to cope with a situation at home, sessions were planned in for her and her behaviour transformed.

Having run Kaleidoscope sessions for a year, we are excited to embark upon the next steps on our Kaleidoscope journey with Anne. In the coming year we are looking forward to our Enrichment Sessions and Training which will enable us to work with parents. I cannot recommend Anne and her Kaleidoscope programme highly enough.

Head Teacher

School in Bedfordhire

Kaleidoscope Colour Therapy:
For Children’s good mental health since 2002

Anne Kaye is the Founder and Director of Kaleidoscope Therapy.  Alongside her vast experience in education, as a qualified Chromotherapist and Colour Therapy Counsellor, Anne was able to research and develop her revolutionary approach to supporting children and young people with their mental health and help them build  resilience, self-belief, achievement and happiness.

Now retired from her Headteacher’s role she is able to concentrate wholly on this much needed and finally, nationally recognized, area of need in ours schools and the workplace.

Kaleidoscope Therapy has received a lot of interest within the national press over the years, some of which we have detailed on the page linked below.