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Anne Kaye is the Founder and Director of Kaleidoscope Colour Therapy – Established in 2002.  In 2017, following her retirement from teaching and after many years of helping hundreds of children and young people grow in confidence and sell-esteem (both through her 7-Step Therapy and as a Headteacher) Anne has decided to wholly focus on growing her highly effective programme and is supported by her 2018 Kaleidoscope Team.

Together they hope to help ensure Kaleidoscope’s continued growth and success, each one, sharing the ambition that a new generation of children, young people, educators and parents can also experience and enjoy the benefits of this highly-effective therapeutic approach to improving one’s sense of self-worth.

Read Anne’s story below.

Anne Kaye, Founder & Director

Tony Ellison

Kaleidoscope Room Technical Consultant

Tony has a proven track record of delivering and understanding clients’ expectations and providing solutions which result in exceptional outcomes.

Linda Hoggan

Kaleidoscope Associate Enrichment Trainer - South.

Linda is a qualified and highly experienced Human Givens Psychotherapist specialising in families and parenting particularly in the field of attachment and trauma.

She was one of the originators of the “Just What We Need” therapeutic programme.  Linda has worked as an associate for Kaleidoscope Colour Therapy since 2005.

Lindsay Gould

Kaleidoscope Practice Centre South & Kaleidoscope Steering Group Member

Lindsay has been the Head Teacher of Bedford Road Primary School, Bedfordshire for over 12 years and has a particular interest in working with vulnerable children and partnerships with parents.

Emmeline Ford

Kaleidoscope Practice Centre North & Kaleidoscope Steering Group member

Emmeline is the Executive Principal, Abbey Park Primary Academy, Northern Education Trust Academy.

Official Kaleidoscope Practice Centre – North and member of the Kaleidoscope Steering Group

Christian Davis

Associate Secretary of the Kaleidoscope Steering Group

Christian is an experienced primary school teacher. He has worked in schools with a huge mix of ethnic and social needs.

He is particularly interested in inclusion and equality for Kaleidoscope Colour Therapy.

Anne Kaye, Founder & Director, Kaleidoscope Colour Therapy.

Anne Kaye is the Founder and Director of Kaleidoscope Colour Therapy, author of its research and owns the associated accredited training school of Kaleidoscope Colour Therapy.

After originally specialising in Theatrical Dance and Drama in Education Anne has spent most of her working life in schools. She has experience of teaching in all phases of Education from Nursery to Secondary aged children, including being in charge of the Hospital School in Milton Keynes.  Anne then spent several years working with Special Educational Needs, working particularly with emotional and behaviour difficulties within mainstream schools and was Manager of a Moderate Learning Difficulties department for 3 years.

Anne has successfully held 3 Head Teacher posts in Primary Education and the position of Local Authority Senior Education Officer for Learning. She was also an accredited School Improvement Partner

Alongside her work in Education she trained part-time for 3 years to become a fully Qualified Colour Therapist working with the psychological effect of colour and light on mental and physical health. Anne is registered to work privately in this field with both adults and children. She also holds a Certificate in Counseling Skills.  She then went on to train extensively in ‘Human Givens Emotional Health and Clear Thinking’ and studied and worked alongside Margot Sunderland at the Children’s Mental Health Centre in London.

Anne’s work, known as ‘The Kaleidoscope Programme’ is based on the sound principle that people, both young and old, need to have their basic needs met if they are to be healthy, happy and successful in both their learning and their relationships throughout life. These basic needs include: belonging, security, identity, love, attention, connection, privacy. control and having a purpose.

Anne has trained professionals from Health, Social Work, Education and Crime Prevention in the delivery of the ‘Kaleidoscope Programme’ working with all ages of children, young people and parents.

Work to date:

  • 48 Kaleidoscope Full Certificate Graduates and 4 Kaleidoscope Diploma Graduates.
  • 29 Official Kaleidoscope rooms/spaces set up in schools situated in Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, Lincolnshire, Lancashire and Sussex.
  • New school building designs with designated Kaleidoscope rooms in Milton Keynes. (Water Hall Combined School – Bletchley)
  • Anne has been regularly invited to speak at National and local conferences around the UK including the Child Mental Health Institute in London.
  • She has written articles for various journals including the Govt Basic Skills Agency, Counselling in Education and the SEN Coordinators File.

If you have an enquiry about Kaleidoscope Therapy, our team or our courses and materials, please use any of the methods available here.

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