I am pleased to announce the launch of our new Kaleidoscope Therapy website. The www.kaleidoscopetherapy.co.uk site is for teachers or parents to help them discover what Kaleidoscope Colour Therapy is and how it could help build and support the mental health of the children in their care.

The new site provides details of the Kaleidoscope Therapy 7-step programme that has been used to great effect in primary and secondary schools across England since 2002.  Kaleidoscope Therapy’s new home on the web also provides a hub where you can learn more about this therapeutic approach that I created nearly two decades ago.

In addition to the forthcoming Kaleidoscope store, you’ll be able to use the website to find out how to become a fully-licensed Kaleidoscope Therapy Practitioner by using colour, light, sound and natural aroma to support the good mental health of children and young people today.

My last Kaleidoscope Colour Therapy website was built in 2004. Now, 14 years later!……. it’s not only Psychologists and Health Care Professionals plus a few mavericks like me, banging the drum for children’s mental health to be addressed in our schools but at last, children’s mental health is high on the agenda of educationalists and government officials (not to mention the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry too!).

My thanks goes to the team of people who all work alongside me – they are wonderful support as we all look to help grow Kaleidoscope Therapy so we can hep affect even more children and young people’s lives positively.  Kaleidoscope Therapy is for ALL children 🙂

I’d also like to thank my Web Designer for his creativity, insight and integrity into what Kaleidoscope Colour Therapy is all about.  Now more than ever before we have backing from the government to make children’s mental health a curriculum priority that underpins attainment and achievement in our schools. We are the difference that makes the difference!