What is Kaleidoscope Colour Therapy?

‘Kaleidoscope’ is a totally experiential, yet structured therapeutic programme which utilises light, colour, sound, natual aromas and materials in order to build confidence and self-esteem in children and young people.

The holistic method of Kaleidoscope addresses the mental health of young people. By taking away the fear of failure for short periods of time it helps people to find their own inner strength and build resilience and resourcefulness both in their self-awareness, relationships with others and their self-belief to achieve through perseverance and the willingness to take a risk and have a go.

Kaleidoscope is largely undertaken by children between the ages of 3 to 16. This may be with individual children or small groups. No more than 15. Ideally there would be 8 children in each group. The session may last for anything between 15 minutes to two hours. Sessions also can take place with parents, helping them to support their children’s self-esteem and invariably look at their own;  Providing strategies to help their own children maintain or build good self-esteem and mental health.

Kaleidoscope Colour Therapy training also addresses the wellbeing of professionals and carers who work with children. By embarking on one of our courses you will learn about your own triggers and responses to certain behaviours. We need to know and like ourselves in order to help others.  We are the difference that makes the difference!

Anne Kaye created Kaleidoscope Colour Therapy in 2002. Today, trained practitioners are working in 30+ schools with a whole range of children and parents.

Children who have difficulty in their social, emotional and behavioural development are all too likely to under-achieve in their academic learning, leading to a cycle of failure and diminishing confidence.

Kaleidoscope Colour Therapy’s theory-based, practical approach helps children, including those who are timid or lacking in self-confidence, out of this downward spiral and offers them a clear path into independent thinking, coupled with a renewal of enthusiasm for learning.

We believe ALL children can benefit from experiencing Kaleidoscope Therapy, both to maintain confidence and as a preventative, early intervention programme safeguarding against possible low self- esteem.

Kaleidoscope provides a safe ‘place to be’ – taking young people away from the fear of failure.

Using music, lights, natural aroma, colour and warmth, young people have the opportunity to: Control anxiety; Practise mindfulness; Heighten self-awareness; Experience tranquillity; Change their mind-sets and negative habits and develop positive belief systems through the following 7-Steps:

  • Relaxation, mindfulness
  • Visualisation (Mental rehearsal)
  • Expression through colour
  • Movement / Laughter / Fun
  • Self-Esteem Building
  • Exploration with colour and natural materials
  • Positive Affirmation / Learned optimism

Fundamentally, the Kaleidoscope Colour Therapy programme follows the basic principles conducive to a state of mind which promotes happiness. We explore:

  • Contentment
  • Acts of kindness
  • Loving ourselves
  • Empathy
  • Non critical of ourself and others
  • Playfulness
  • Self awareness
  • Gratitude
  • Connection with nature

Read about Kaleidoscope Colour Therapy at St. James’ Infant School here.


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