The benefits of our Kaleidoscope Therapy 7-Step Programme

To facilitate the programme of the 7 Kaleidoscope steps, the room or space must be carefully equipped and set up with the correct ambiance of light and pigment colour, sound, natural aroma and warmth specific to certain light temperatures and its impact on the brain the programme.

Once the suitable Kaleidoscope Environment is in place, the 7 Steps each provide a menu of activities for the day ahead.

The 7-Steps are:

  • Relaxation (Mindfulness)
  • Visualisation (Mental rehearsal)
  • Expression (Through colour)
  • Move (Laughter and release)
  • Build (Activities and games to promote good self-esteem )
  • Explore (A tactile step, awakening the senses, using materials from nature)
  • Affirm (Something tangible to take away as a link to the Kaleidoscope session)

Depending on the time allowed for the session, the number in the group, (from 1 to 15) their age and their needs, not all steps are accessed in each session although they do follow in particular order; to firstly bring down cortisol levels in the brain and always ending on a positive note with a tangible affirmation for children and young people to take away with them.

There are specific benefits using each of the 7 Kaleidoscope steps. Each one utilises the fantastic, universally accessible tool of colour.  Colour is a very powerful metaphor which can be accessed in the right side of tl1e brain when words to describe our own inner feelings are just too hard to pinpoint.

Confident children who perform well share certain characteristics:

  • Empowerment
  • Hope
  • Autonomy
  • Resiliency
  • Security
  • Accomplishment
  • Recognition
  • Perseverance
  • Enjoyment
Kaleidoscope Colour Therapy provides the stage, the script, the lights and the music for such a performance!

The benefits of ‘Relaxation’ (Mindfulness)

  • Lowering right-brain emotional arousal
  • Clears and stills the mind
  • Develops mind and body awareness
  • Improves long-term memory
  • Decreases physical tension
  • Helps release endorphins and promotes positivity
  • Helps create a calmness upon which more positive actions and self-belief can be built
  • Improves concentration and reduces panic

The benefits of ‘Visualisation’

  •  Enables mental rehearsal
  • Develops imagination
  • Reduces the likelihood of repeating old mistakes
  • Promotes greater confidence and self-belief
  • Reframes old habits
  • Calming
  • Provides clarity

The benefits of ‘Expression through colour’ 

  • Allowing the person to make sense of their own feelings and thoughts where words are too hard and tangled up in confusing emotions
  • Clarification of thoughts and feelings on which to build good self-esteem


The benefits of ‘Move’

  • Opportunities for social interaction with others in a non-threating way
  • Fun and laughter to release feel-good chemicals in the brain
  • Promotes a sense of happiness and wellbeing

The benefits of ‘Build’

  • Leaming how to give and take genuine compliments
  • Comradeship
  • Recognition and validation from peers and significant others
  • Helps to recognise who we are and what we’re good at
  • Promotes optimism and seeing the best in others
  • Develops inner strength, resilience and reciprocity
  • Creates a sense of belonging, identity, self-control and worthiness

The benefits of ‘Exploration’

  • Allows the right-side of the brain to become engrossed in something non­-threating and kinaesthetic.
  • Reinforces a connection with nature which calms and pacifys the mind

The benefits of ‘Affirmation’

  • Draws the session to a close in a positive way
  • Provides tangible triggers that can re-activate a sense of well-being at other times beyond the session
  • Develops resourcefulness, resilience, perseverance and establishes newly learnt responses
  • Reinforces strengths, hopes and possibilties
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