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Anne’s revolutionary therapy has been experienced by hundreds of people over the decades. Whilst Anne has received too many personal messages of thanks and emailed reviews to post online at this moment, we shall be adding more over the comming weeks.

If you have experienced a Kaleidoscope Colour Therapy session and would like to leave a review, please email us or complete the form below.

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As a tutor Anne you have been inspirational and at times a great comfort. With all the stresses and strains of life, Kaleidoscope Therapy is a great do-it-yourself technique to aid piece of mind and inner relief

I know it is something that I will continue to work with the rest of my life; The benefits are fantastic for me personally and it is so satisfying to see the enjoyment the children get from the sessions. They, too, can take away a positive thought that easily reminds them of the good things they can accomplish.

The visualisation techniques aid their concentration according to their class teachers.  I just wish there was more time in the day for each and every child to experience the Kaleidoscope Therapy every day but I will continue to do what I can, whenever I can.

Anonymous, Teacher

I shall eagerly continue my journey through Kaleidoscope. I see that Kaleidoscope also has strength to offer to the adults in school as well as the children.

For me Kaleidoscope has raised the profile of taking care of ourselves as teachers.

How often do we fail to give ourselves time to reflect on our learning as I have done throughout my Kaleidoscope journey? More often than not we are in too much of a hurry to cross off the 11ext thing on our list. This is my next challenge for Kaleidoscope!

Sue Payne, Head Teacher

Anne helped me to discover my own true colours and that all colours are truly beautiful.

Daniel, London

Those of you who attended the launch of the Shoebox will have had the chance to hear about how it has been used very successfully in a Northamptonshire school, where all children use Kaleidoscope Therapy.

Joe Fardon,

I was so excited to be able to learn more about Kaleidoscope. The course was easily accessible and engaging. We are so lucky at [OUR] School to have this available for our children, as without self-esteem, life as a child and then an adult can be very difficult. I learnt so many new things on this parenting course which will help me be the best mother I can be.

Anonymous Parent

The ways that we can help our children to harness their emotion, self-soothe and improve learning, along with our relationship with them has been a revelation and truly inspiring.

Discovering cortisol, its effect and how to counteract it has been useful for myself and l’m sure this knowledge will enhance my own life from here on. Anne is a wonderful, warm and sympathetic provider.

Susan, Parent

Much clearer understanding of process and methods. Helps parents to recognise the importance of their children taking part in Kaleidoscope and how Kaleidoscope and the building of self-esteem is so important in the development of our little people. We are very lucky that our children are able to take part in this.

Karen, Parent

I feel extremely lucky that my children are able to benefit from Kaleidoscope and even luckier to have been able to come and experience it for myself

The course has been extremely informative, but also really enjoyable and rewarding. I would definitely attend any future courses that the school run.

Helen, Parent

I think this course sets [our] school above other schools and will really help so many young people (and their parents) going forward in life.

I wish I had had access to this sort of support when I was a young person and think our children are very privileged to have this available to them. I wish the school every success with it.

Rachel, Parent

I left this school as a pupil 10 years ago and the way the school was set up then is very different to how it is now.

There’s been a huge change in the behaviour of the children and I think a lot of that is down to Kaleidoscope. I think if I had had Kaleidoscope, I would have been much calmer and ready to learn.

Jamie, Former Pupil & NQT

Kaleidoscope is good because it relaxes our minds and helps us learn. We do it every day. There’s music too – calm music without words. Everyone in the class says it’s very relaxing. I think things would be noisier without it.

Jack, Kaleidoscope School Child

The day was fun, thought-provoking and very inspiring.

Teacher, Anonymous

An oasis in the mayhem of school life!

Teacher, Anonymous

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