School Based Kaleidoscope Practitioner Certificate Course

Terms & Conditions. 



  • Delivered in a block or spaced over a 10-week period or,
  • 3 face-to-face training days, for between 4 and 10 trainees, 1-day introductory workshop followed by a 3-day equivalent distance learning course within a flexible time frame of up to 12-weeks or,
  • 1-day introductory workshop followed by 3 face-to-face training days in a block or spaced over a 1 to 10-week period for up to 3 trainees, involving pupils from within the school as models for practical aspects of the training.

The full cost of a Kaleidoscope Certificate Course Options chosen for one site/setting includes the following:

  • Kaleidoscope Colour Therapy training notes, file, one training manual*, photocopiable activity cards (* additional manuals available for purchase).
  • 1 training resource kit per trainee within the one setting
  • Course Practitioner Certificate for each successful trainee

One-year Annual Licence to Practise awarded to the paying establishment where at least one member of staff has successfully completed the Kaleidoscope Practitioner’s Certificate Course under the training terms and conditions within.  This allows the licence owner to practise the Kaleidoscope method in their school or setting. The above-named licence does not allow the practitioner to train others within or outside of their own establishment.  

  • Ongoing support from Anne Kaye by email and telephone in line with licensing.
  • The ‘Kaleidoscope Colour Therapy Approved Centre’ logo for the school letterhead and prospectus. (other logo usage to be discussed with Anne kaye and is subject to approval).
  • Photocopiable materials, including templates for targeting children, session planning, evaluations and letters to parents.
  • Support and information gathering about school needs prior to the commencement of the course.
  • Ongoing support after the course has been completed as long as the licence is valid.

Within 12-months of the completion of the Certificate Course each practitioner must attend a minimum of one Review Day or an Enrichment Day  (which can double as a licence renewal, or stand alone as extra training) in order to renew their Practise Licence. 

  • Enrichment Days are in addition to the Licensed Practitioner Certificate Course. There is a separate cost for these workshops. All Enrichment Days stand alone. They follow the 3-day initial basic training days and can be designed to cover any aspect of Kaleidoscope in greater depth and to meet the school needs. They also include extended training in new aspects of Kaleidoscope, not covered in the Practitioner Certificate Course.
  • All Kaleidoscope scripts, materials and products are protected by copyright. They are owned and licensed by Anne Kaye. Photocopying or any other use or duplication of these materials for any other purposes other than Kaleidoscope student case studies and personal running of Kaleidoscope sessions by trained practitioners is not permitted. 
  • The Kaleidoscope method is strictly owned by Kaleidoscope Colour Therapy and for exclusive use by trained and annually registered and licenced practitioners only.
  • It is not compulsory to have a designated Kaleidoscope room in order to embark on the Practitioner Certificate training or to practice Kaleidoscope Colour Therapy. However, an Official Kaleidoscope Room Wall Plaque can only be purchased by those who have an assessed and registered space or room in which to practise Kaleidoscope.
  • Bespoke room plans and advice with lighting equipment and suppliers can be drawn up for each school at a small extra cost by Anne Kaye. This advice can be accessed at any point before, during or after the training. Please note that neither Anne Kaye or Kaleidoscope Colour Therapy has any financial gain or financial connection with any company or supplier.
  • Each Kaleidoscope room is unique in that the space available in any school will differ in size, shape, position and layout. The provision and instalment of lighting and soft furnishings used in Kaleidoscope rooms/environments is not included in the cost of any Kaleidoscope training course.

This course qualifies A Licensed Practitioner to:

  1. Lead Kaleidoscope sessions with children and young people either as a class, small group or one-to-one in the approved Kaleidoscope setting, using the intellectual property of Anne Kaye.
  2. Incorporate Kaleidoscope principles into other areas of their expertise i.e., Play Therapy, Art Therapy, social work, interior design, or counselling.
  3. Familiarise other colleagues in the same work place about the Kaleidoscope principles so that these other members of staff can empathise with, and support children involved in Kaleidoscope sessions. Other general, class-based activities, associated with Kaleidoscope will be explored fully during the Certificate training. Only these generic activities are permitted to be carried out by the other untrained members of staff in same school.

The Kaleidoscope Practitioner’s Certificate Course does not permit practitioners to train other adults in the Kaleidoscope method, or give advice in setting up Kaleidoscope rooms.  The use of the intellectual property of Kaleidoscope Colour Therapy in any other school or setting without the purchased licence is strictly prohibited.  

  • The use of copyright Kaleidoscope materials is only permissible by schools who have purchased the materials. Any photocopying for others outside this permit, (including other schools within the same trust, federation, cluster or annex is strictly prohibited.
  • Kaleidoscope practitioners and colleagues are required to credit Anne Kaye and the website where references to Kaleidoscope methods, principles, techniques and products are used.
  • Schools/settings who have capacity, and who also hold the Official Kaleidoscope Room Plaque, may request an assessment to become a Host Training Centre for Kaleidoscope. This would bring hiring revenue to the host school.
  • All training must be led by Anne Kaye and/or another authorised and Diploma level qualified Kaleidoscope Practitioner.
  • Separate training and terms and conditions are available on request. All training must be registered to Anne Kaye at Kaledisocope Colour Therapy.  
  • Any additional training or development of the Kaleidoscope Colour Therapy practice within a school or cluster will be subject to additional licence provisions. Fees for this may be payable. In order to avoid breaching the terms of the licence please check your training and practice requirements with Kaleidoscope Colour Therapy. 
  • Establishments are responsible for following their own safeguarding, data protection, and health and safety policies when leading, monitoring and gathering data regarding the outcomes of Kaleidoscope sessions.
  • Any parental questions and concerns about Kaleidoscope sessions carried out by trained staff at the school must be dealt with directly by the school.
  • All aspects of the Certificate Course must be completed in order for the Kaleidoscope Certificate to be awarded to individual student
  • Should a trainee fail to complete the whole course, this does not affect the school gaining their overall licence to practise, as long as there is at least one student who successfully attended the whole course. However, the trainee who has not completed the course will not be permitted to practise Kaleidoscope Colour Therapy until they have been able to complete all aspects of the training course. This can be completed via ‘catch up’ one to one training (there is an added cost for this).
  • The cost of this course has been calculated as a whole. Therefore, refunds cannot be claimed for any missed modules or withdrawal from any of the courses.
  • The Headteacher or Lead Kaleidoscope Practitioner is requested to inform Anne Kaye if a Licensed Practitioner leaves the school or setting. In addition, if the exiting practitioner wishes to continue practicing as a Kaleidoscope Practitioner at another school, they are required to inform Anne Kaye directly at Kaleidoscope. They will be issued with a new contact details form for registration and, if required, details of how the school can become registered to practise Kaleidoscope.
  • Each individual practitioner’s name is listed on the school Licence Certificate and is  valid for one year after the initial certificate award date. Licence renewals and the training updates must take place annually for the school to continue to use the intellectual property of Anne Kaye and Kaleidoscope Colour Therapy.
  • Licensed practitioners, who work in a peripatetic role are permitted to carry out Kaleidoscope sessions with children in all the different settings they support. They are not permitted to train other providers and practitioners in these schools.
  • Kaleidoscope Colour Therapy reserves the right to change the content of the Licensed Practitioner Course in the light of the group’s needs, Government policy & guidelines along with any new research.
  • Other school team members are very welcome to attend the Enrichment Day sessions as long as there are spaces available, although there must be a minimum of one trained Kaleidoscope practitioner present at these sessions. There will be a small extra cost for additional attendees. Enrichment sessions do not form part of the initial practitioner training.



Full costs must be paid before commencement of any Kaleidoscope course.  For bespoke School based Certificate Courses of up to 10 students, from one school. Course cancelations made within 60 days of the course commencement will incur £50% of the course fees. Cancelations within 30 days of the commencement date of the course will incur full costs. The payment of any pre booked travelling and accommodation costs which cannot be refunded must also be paid in full by the school.

  • Invoice queries must be made to Kaleidoscope Colour Therapy within 5 working days of receiving the invoice by post or by email.
  • Should Kaleidoscope Colour Therapy cancel any part of the Certificate Training or Enrichment Session, the school will be given an alternative date for that module. Where a whole course has to be cancelled on the part of Kaleidoscope, where alternative dates cannot be agreed upon within a reasonable period of time (one financial year) a full refund will be paid to the school.
  • For courses where trainees attend from various schools, if the course starting date is postponed the student will be informed of new a starting date and given seven days to inform Kaleidoscope of their wish to withdraw from the course. After this time no refunds will be given.
  • To keep abreast with changing policy and practice, the Kaleidoscope licence and registration must be renewed annually. This cost is dependent upon the size of the organisation and includes a minimum of one-day review workshop or surgery type support for each Kaleidoscope Practitioner wishing to continue with their practice and have access to updates, support and discounts.
  • Schools may opt for the alternative annual review day, known as an ‘Enrichment Day’. This training whilst reviewing practice and renewing the school’s licence to practice also allows the team to further build upon their Kaleidoscope knowledge and skills by looking in-depth at a particular aspect of Kaleidoscope or expanding the use of the Kaleidoscope programme.
  • A list of Enrichments topics and review days are available on the website or by email from along with costs.
  • Certificate holders can receive ongoing support and advice from Anne Kaye whilst under licence and have access to updates and new developments in the Kaleidoscope method.



  • During the training, students are encouraged to be reflective in order to better understand the Kaleidoscope method and its impact on themselves, colleagues and the children they care for. This can sometimes be difficult for a trainee. Every effort is made to care for and support trainee’s mental, emotional and physical safety in a mutually respectful and caring training environment.
  • The trainee is responsible for their own wellbeing and must inform their Headteacher or Line Manager if they feel they need more support with any issues raised or feel unable to continue with the training. Headteachers will be guided towards this clause before the commencement of the training.
  • The trainee, or the Headteacher/Line Manger is asked to inform Anne Kaye in confidence of any member of staff, who, for whatever reason, may require extra support, mentally, emotionally or physically at the time of their training. Every effort will be made where possible, to support them.
  • The school is responsible for carrying out its own risk assessment for the Kaleidoscope room and the Kaleidoscope programme.
  • In line with the school’s insurance and health and safety policy, the school is responsible for any accidents which take place during training on the premises or when using the school’s equipment and resources.



  • Permission will be sought by Anne Kaye for any official photographs taken during training. These photographs may be used in promotional material including the Kaleidoscope website.  Any person not wishing to be photographed, or have their photograph used on the website, news or promotional materials must inform Anne Kaye before the onset of any training and make this clear on their permission slips. Personal photographs or filming is not permitted without permission from Anne Kaye during training in the interests of copyright, data protection and personal safety.  
  • From time-to-time Kaleidoscope Colour Therapy may make video recordings of training and child Kaleidoscope sessions for training purposes. This is always pre-arranged and permission sought in writing from all persons concerned in order for the filming to take place and for its usage for training and promotion thereafter.


Kaleidoscope Colour Therapy will not disclose any trainees’ personal details to any other bodies without written consent from trainees. 

Trainees will be given the opportunity to share email addresses with one another for mutual support.

 Kaleidoscope Colour Therapy reserves the right to ask a trainee to leave the course if he or she is judged by Anne Kaye to be behaving inappropriately or failing to follow the agreed ground rules (Ground Rules are drawn up by all trainees and trainer at the beginning of each course in order to protect everyone’s emotional and physical safety and confidentiality). Fees cannot be returned under these circumstances.

 If a trainee should have any criticism about any aspect of the training, they should take up the matter with Anne Kaye, the Course Director.



  • In response to the pandemic and the lockdown restrictions, Kaleidoscope has made adjustments both to the training and the course content.
  • On-line Zoom Training and Distance Learning Packages are available.
  • The content of the overall training remains the same but emphasis will be placed on how to adapt certain activities to make them covid safe for both staff and children. Information will be gathered before training commences so that the package delivered meets each school’s circumstances. 
  • During the pandemic restrictions, each school has been working slightly differently depending on their circumstances. Every effort will be made to continue to support all Kaleidoscope schools throughout this time in order to support children’s mental health and that of their school staff.
  • Free resources will be sent to schools on request to assist with pupil wellbeing during school closure and to support home-learning. 
  • If an agreed and paid for face-to-face course can no longer go ahead, an alternative Zoom and distance learning package will be offered along with telephone, Zoom and email guidance for the lead participant and teams in each school.
  • If circumstances are such that no training can take place in any format, the training dates can be postponed or full refunds given for the training aspect of Kaleidoscope Colour Therapy. Please note no refunds can be given for already purchased materials and resources.
  • The Annual Renewal Licence cost has been paused for the duration of Covid-19 school closures from April 2020 to March 2021. Schools have until 14th September 2021 to negotiate licence renewal dates.
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