Find the right Kaleidoscope Therapy training course for you.

We have a variety of Kaleidoscope Therapy training courses available for any professionals and parents responsible for mental health, wellbeing and success in schools, workplaces or homes.

We have six levels of therapy training available for you to choose from:

From FREE• Awareness Building Courses that can introduce you to Kaleidoscope and CPD/INSET days through to more comprehensive and hands-on courses that can enable you to become a fully-trained. Licensed Kaleidoscope Therapy Practioner capable of leading authorised Kaleidoscope sessions without our attendance throughout the period of your licence in addition to a superb selection of Enrinchment and Advanced Training Courses for those who wish to become a Kaleidoscope Specialist.

For booking enquiries please Call 07387 388 785 or email the team using

Courses introducing Kaleidoscope Colour Therapy

FREE* Half day briefings to learn more about the Kaleidoscope Colour Therapy programme, its benefits and evaluations to help you decide, is the Kaleidoscope Therapy Programme right for you and your establishment?


  • Free Initial Group Briefing Sessions
  • Free One-to-One Initial Consultancy

*Please note, we would charge travel expenses for bespoke briefings that are sited beyond a 12 mile radius of Huddersfield

For more details, please email Anne to discuss your needs directly using info®

Foundation Courses/ Workshops

From £950 per day

We can create bespoke CPD/INSET days that are designed specifically to meet the needs of you (and your staff) whether in an education environment, home or workplace.


  • Team Building – We have courses to bring together new staff; Reinforce an establishment ethos; Boost staff morale or provide Wellbeing Days
  • We can provide INSET days as an introduction to the 7-Step kaleidoscope programme designed around your establishment
  • We can also host Conferences, Workshops and provide Keynote addresses to an invited audience

For more details, please email Anne to discuss your needs directly using info®

Licensed Practitioner Courses

£1,725.00 per person attending training at an external venue or £5,000 bespoke training in your own setting for up to 10 people. (This option may be shared between a maximum of two schools in one agreed setting)  

Please note: Because of the experiential nature of Kaleidoscope Colour Therapy training and the ongoing support we like to provide to all students, course numbers are kept to a maximum of 12 (depending on the size of the training room).

These Licensed Practitioner Courses may take place at:

Option A.  One of our Accredited Training Schools or within a conference setting.

By choosing this option you will be trained with a group of other students from different establishments.


Option B.  Your workplace with bespoke training for up to 10 of your staff.

By choosing this option you will also receive advice in how to set up your own Kaleidoscope Environment.

Some schools choose to share this bespoke training ( Option B) with ONE other school or setting, this sharing the investment.  Where 3 schools wish to share the training the hosting school and one other would pay the £5,000 and the other schools would be charged at £1,750 per person attending.
Please notes these cost are excluding travel and any overnight expenses.

Both options A and B take place over 5 days. These 5 days may be consecutive or spread over 1 term. The support and assessment is in place for 12 months from the commencement of the training.

Our Licensed Practitioner Course is a very ‘hands on’, practical course, aimed at working with groups of children or one-to-one (depending on the requirements of the establishment). Please be prepared to go on a non-intrusive journey of self-discovery and reflection.

Study areas include:

The science and psychology of colour and light

The therapeutic benefits of certain ambiance, aroma and sound

Basic neuroscience and brain chemicals

The experiential method of the 7 Kaleidoscope steps:

  • Relaxation and Mindfulness techniques
  • Visualisation (Mental Rehearsal)
  • Expression through colour
  • Move – A shift towards gratitude, complements and laughter
  • Building a shift towards
  • Explore the magic of nature and all things natural
  • Affirm (hope, reframing triggers in the real world)

The Kaleidoscope Licensed Practitioner Course also covers:

  • Positivity and learnt optimism
  • Listening to children therapeutically
  • Targeting children
  • Group or one to one Kaleidoscope (basics)
  • Monitoring and Evaluation – being accountable, measuring outcomes
  • Timetabling and guiding colleagues
  • Establishing an ethos
  • Creating the Kaleidoscope Environment

In order to attain a Licensed Kaleidoscope Practitioners Certificate each student is required to submit a case study based on delivering a Kaleidoscope Therapy Programme to several individuals, children or a small group.

Trainee Kaleidoscope Practitioners must submit one 2,000 word essay from a choice of topics based on the theory and science of colour and Kaleidoscope Therapy.

Course materials and handouts are provided along with £200 worth of resources that may either be available as electronic downloads, soft-copy printouts or physical hardware.

Attendees and establishments that have individuals who have successfully completed the Kaleidoscope Licensed Practitioner Course and have successfully created an Approved Kaleidoscope Environment (of any size) will be awarded a Kaleidoscope Wall Plaque and be listed on our website.

For more details, please email Anne to discuss your needs directly using

Terms and conditions for this course are available to view here

Enrichment Courses

These courses are only available to qualified Kaleidoscope Practitioner Certificate holders.

There is a requirement for each qualified Kaleidoscope Practitioner to complete a minimum of one Enrichment per year. This counts for renewal of the licence to practice.

There are different options available in order to achieve this:


Onsite 1 Taught Day for each Enrichment with the exception of KEC 12 which is 2 consecutive Taught Days.


Online purchase of certain Enrichments available. These include all training materials PowerPoints, course notes plus email and telephone support.

Cost of I day training £950 per setting

Cost of 2 days training (KEC 12) £1,850

Alternatively, the ‘Colour Me Confident’ Working with Parents course is available online at a cost of £1,699.

Please email or telephone Anne for details on 0738 738 8785

Available 1 DAY Kaleidoscope Enrichment Courses (KEC1-11) 


Day support for Trained Practitioners & Renewal of Practice Licence Fee

Annual Licence Review and Update Session for Qualified Kaleidoscope Practitioners


1 day (dependent on size of school or setting).

Up to 10 qualified staff per campus.

Includes renewal updates, support and new licence plus access to the Kaleidoscope database.

Group or One-to-One Support Surgeries for Qualified Kaleidoscope Practitioners.

£500 per setting per day

For more details, please email Anne to discuss your needs directly using info®

Advanced Trainer Courses

£4,500 for 10 day sessions

These courses are aimed at those who have successfully completed the Kaleidoscope Licensed Practioner Certificate Course and, after a period of embedding, wish to look even further into the research around Kaleidoscope Colour Therapy;  Expand their work into the wider community; And/or train to be a fully Licensed Kaleidoscope Trainer for a particular region.

For more details, please email Anne to discuss your needs directly using info®

You can contact us using a variety of different methods.  Click here to find out how. 

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